Friday, September 08, 2006

Off the wagon

Remember when I said someone should take my credit card away? I wasn't joking. Why do I feel compelled to purchase yarn at rates ten times faster than I can knit it up? But look how pretty!I went a little nuts when knithappens had a big sale at the end of August.

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Buck's Bar. I don't know what Buck's Bar means, but oh how I love it.
What is this strange hold that sock yarn has taken on me? Fleece Artist Merino in Parrot. Tropical bird colors for my feet!
A big ol' pile of Noro Cash Iroha for the Hourglass Sweater that I have been threatening to make for months. It's really much more of a violet-ish color in person. Unfortunately, I ordered ten skeins but the store only sent me 9, I hope this doesn't mean they are out. I was planning on making the size that calls for 9 skeins but it seems like everyone that makes this sweater is running really short on yarn, I was even nervous about getting through with 10.I was thinking of making the Hourglass with a contrast color trim, ala this one. I have this 2 skeins of this baby blue stuff, that I think is some kind of wool-silk blend. It was originally knitted into some ill-fated wrist warmers that are just too big and look silly. So I think it will be happier to take its place as part of a sweater. If I can get enough yarn, that is.


hege said...

I have the same problem where I buy way more yarn than I can knit up. At least with sock yarn you actually have a chance of achieving it! Beautiful yarn. I love the parrot colors! You must make something just so that you can enjoy having it in your hands!

aija said...

At least you fell off the wagon into some beautiful stuff! :)

Anonymous said...

This is weird. Just this morning I posted to my blog that someone should take my credit card away. Then I was blog surfing totally randomly and came across your blog and you mentioned the exact same thing. There must be something in the air :)

peaknits said...

I think by nature knitter's have some crazy yarn addiction! I keep saying, I'm taking a yarn diet... whatever:)