Sunday, May 04, 2008


I have this vague idea about catching up to my WIPs on this blog. But it's clearly not going to happen any time soon. I apparently need to start a really complicated project, then maybe I'll catch up.

Anyway, here's a little cutsie little baby sweater I made, for some good friends who are going to pop in the next month or so. And their offspring is to be named after J., so really, how could I not knit something for them? (Actually, maybe J. should have been the one to knit something for them, come to think of it.)


Pattern: Baby Surprise Jacket, by Elizabeth Zimmerman
Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug, in Moss (sent to me by Colinette as a replacement for this crap skein - I must say, aside from all the dye lot, knotting, and fading issues, this yarn is pretty awesome. Of course those are some pretty major asides. I certainly won't be spending actual money on this stuff again. This replacement skein was knot free, and therefore (I'm assuming) all one dye lot. And I think it's light enough that there shouldn't be severe fading issues.)
Needles: I forget.
Completed in a few days on a trip to NY. This is one awesome pattern.


I used snap tape instead of buttons, in case li'l J. is a button chewer. Snap tape rocks. I want it on my clothes too.

I gave the sweater to my friends at their baby shower last weekend and it seemed to have been well received.

So, the other giftsy.

I have this friend, that I met this year. She saw me knitting these socks a few months ago and apparently really liked them. Anyway she has not stopped harassing me about knitting her a pair of socks ever since. She keeps telling me I can make them for her birthday, which is coming up in a few days (well, when she first started bringing the issue up, it was coming up in several months). Needless to say, this drove me crazy. I told her how long it takes me to finish a pair of socks, thinking that would shut her up. I told her I only knit for myself and immediate family, thinking that would shut her up. I told her to shut up, thinking that would shut her up. But nothing shut her up.

So I gave in and knit her a pair of socks.


It's leftovers from the Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Happy Stripe from the socks she liked.

Think they'll fit her?
(Hint, she's not a doll.)


The thing is, I thought these socks o'spite were hilarious when I first knit them, especially since I was planning to wrap them so they looked like an actual pair of socks, with a card that said something like "I finally gave in and knitted you a pair of socks, but I had to guess at your shoe size." But since then I've felt kind of guilty about it. I haven't given them to her yet. I'm thinking I might accompany them with a gift certificate for an actual pair of knit socks, in the yarn of her choosing (to be rescinded upon any harassment on her part and with no deadline on my part). I mean, she is a sweet person. And it is kind of rare to gift a non-knitter with a knitted object that you know they'll really appreciate.

And, I'm going to be taking a 30 minute train ride for my commute this summer, which I think will be the perfect place to finish at least one pair of socks.

P.S. We are moving back to San Francisco in June, albeit probably temporarily. I can't believe this year is almost over! Especially given that it's only included what, like four blog posts? Bad, bad blogger.

P.P.S. Guess whose else's birthday is coming up in about a week! Yours truly! I will be turning the big three-O, yikes.