Friday, April 27, 2007

Ickle Wickle

I thought the ring pillow was the littlest finished object I would make. Well, here are some even littler ones:

baby socks for Owen

Baby socks for a friend who just had an ickle wittle baby boy. (I hope they aren't too pinkish for a boy! I don't think they are, personally, but who knows what the parents will think.) Ann Budd's basic pattern, size 0 needles, Regia bamboo sock yarn (lovely stuff).

But wait! Things get even littler!

wedding ring

J. had to send his wedding ring back to be resized, so I made him this temporary one. I mentioned the idea as a joke but he really seemed keen on it. I didn't think he would actually wear it, but it took about ten minutes so I thought what the hey. But he actually wore it to work today. It's already looking quite a bit worse for the wear from going through a softball game. I guess there's a reason wedding rings aren't usually made out of yarn.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I got married!

Baltic sea stole at wedding

Thank god for web-savvy friends with digital cameras, that we can have pics 2 days later!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The littlest finished object

I made a little ring pillow for our wedding last night:

ring pillow

Just made a stockinette rectangle using size 10 1/2s and some leftover Elann Peruvian Cuzco in vanilla cream, sewed it up and stuffed it with polyfill. Made some ties with a sportweight alpaca yarn. We're not having a ring bearer, but we're going to do a "ring warming" where we pass the rings around to everyone and ask for their good wishes/blessings/whatever. This was the solution to someone potentially dropping a ring or people deciding they want to try them on. Then we were joking after we have the ring warming and everyone has touched the rings we'll have to have some purell up there and do a ring disinfecting.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Flash yo' stash (beeyotch)

Happy flash your stash day! I wish I had done this last year, it would have been interesting to see the changes. I'm hoping it will be smaller by next year.

Here are the storage units:
stash in boxes

The yarn I have in sweater amounts:
bags of yarn

Clockwise from bottom right: pine green Debbie Bliss cashmerino aran, some fingering/sportweight brandless peach wool blend, fingering brandless white linen, Dove Jo Sharp Silkroad aran tweed, cobalt blue SWTC bamboo, above it is indigo Noro Cash Iroha, orangey Rowanspun dk, 2 big cakes of white cashmere from ebay.

Now the sock yarns. I have divided them into 3 groups in my mind.

Knitpicks sock yarn:
KP sock yarn

Memories in fly fishing, Essential Tweed in plum, Dancing, Essential in various colors, Palette in various colors, and Gloss in dusk and burgandy.

Fancy sock yarns:
fancy sock yarn

Lorna's laces in sand ridge, buck's bar, and happy stripe, Mountain colors bearfoot in Ruby River, Colinette jitterbug in I forget, Lisa Souza, Cherry tree hill millends, Knitting Notions, more CTH, STR, Koigu, Sereknity, Sugar Bunny Boulevard

The "workhorse" sock yarns. I'm not really sure why I've made this classification in my mind, I guess most of these are not handpainted and the above ones are.
workhorse sock yarn

Katia Mississipi, some weird cotton ones, Regia cotton, Sockotta, Cascade Fixation, Regia bamboo, Trekking XXL, Elann baby cashmere something, more Regia, Hill Country Yarns, Louet Gems Pearl, Some KP koolaid dyed by me in the upper right, and some Elann sock yarn.

The laceweights:

Misti alpaca, orange cashmere from Ebay, Alpaca fino with a twist, Malabrigo laceweight, 2 KP koolaid dyed skeins, Jaggerspun Zephyr, some KP one

Handspun alpaca from J's mom:

(That grey monstrosity is the one I spun!)

Everything else:
random skeins

The green cake at the bottom right is wool that a friend brought me back from Chile, then there's some merino bulky from Handpaintedyarn, some random purple cotton from an exchange, a few skeins of sportweight alpaca, a bunch of black alpaca blends, a black/white cotton in the corner, 2 skeins of wool, Lamb's pride, some cashmere in the back from Colourmart on ebay, some superbulky white yarns I forget what brand, and some other random skeins.

Finally, a big ol' bag of leftovers, because I never throw anything out:

(Flickr is still being weird about some of my vertical pictures. I don't get it.)

While this was probably not the most productive use of my time, what with all that so-called wedding and thesis garbage I need to do, I'm glad I did it because now my yarn is much more organized. Specifically, all my sock yarn is in one place now so I don't have to go hunting through all my boxes every time I want to pet a specific skein.