Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Breaking the ice

Young lady, do you have any idea what time it is?
I've been away so long I couldn't remember how to sign in to my blogger account.
Funny, because I've certainly been reading tons of blogs, but apparently I haven't left any comments in the last five months either.
I miss you, blog.
I miss you, blog readers, if any of you are still out there!
I've been thinking about my "re-entry" blog post for MONTHS now. But as I'm sure many of you know, the more you put it off, the more stuff piles up until it seems like you're going to need an entire weekend just to photograph and chronicle everything you've been doing. Not to mention the fact that it seems like months since I've been home during daylight hours where I could take a picture.
So this re-entry will be photoless.
But cheer-full.
I've been doing so much writing over the last 5 months, but dang I miss writing a) about knitting and b) for a non-critical audience.
So, details to come*. I have been knitting plenty since I last saw you, no fears. Unfortunately much of it was given away during the holidays. But I might have a scrap of knitting here or there to show off.

*Did you know that in journalism-speak, there are all these specific words that are deliberately spelled wrong? "To come" is abbreviated TK (I guess for "to kome"?). A lead, the beginning of your story, is spelled lede, and the "head" (title) and "deck" (subtitle) are spelled "hed" and "dek." Isn't that byzarr?