Monday, August 28, 2006


J's family was here this weekend. His mom has quickly figured out that the way to my heart is through lots of fiberous presents. She's a smart one! (Just in case she's reading this, I would like her even if she didn't give me stuff. But it sure doesn't hurt.)

Self-striping sock yarn (wool blend on the left, cotton on the right):
Despite all the sock yarn I have managed to quickly accumulate in the short time since I started knitting socks, I didn't yet have any self-patterning stuff. Goody!

These ones are alpaca-silk laceweight blends:
The blue stuff is Alpaca with a Twist Fino (and such a lovely rich bluey color) and the white is handspun by J's mum herself.

Now I need some good ideas for lacey projects.

My own mom was also here this weekend (although SHE didn't bring me any presents, harumph! Just kidding Mom. Thanks for the gift of life and all.). She suddenly decided she needed to start knitting something, even though she eschewed knitting decades ago, so I gave her a leftover skein of Knitpicks Sierra bulky blue yarn and some size 10 1/2s (that I think actually originally belonged to her mother, how quaint) and she was off and running. Apparently knitting is like riding a bike, I didn't need to remind her how to do anything. She was so cute!

(Update on the bridesmaids' dresses - several family members and a mild panic attack have combined to convince me that retail is my friend. You will hear no more from me of trying to create my entire wedding from scratch, promise. I'll leave that kind of thing to Martha Stewart and her thousands of employees.)


hege said...

Nice yarn! Yummy socks and lace knitting to look forward to. How thoughtful! You were doing so well with the dresses, though! But sometimes low pressure is the way to go. :) Good luck!

aija said...

Wow, the handspun is awesome! She is smart, the way into the knitter's heart is thru fiber :) (Though I have been known to accept sweets, too!)

Philippa said...

That handspun is amazing! Lucky you to have such a great mother-in-law. I think the fewer things you have to worry about around your wedding, the better. But I hope you continue making dresses.