Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dressing down

After making that last dress, that was purportedly a mock-up for potential bridesmaid dresses, I decided that it wasn't at all the right kind of bridesmaid dress pattern. And then I saw this Vogue pattern, below, which reminded me of some cute dresses by J. Crew and Thread.

So I made another mock-up. Now, some of you might remember that part of the point of this whole thing was the saving money aspect of it, and now I've probably spent at least $60 on these two "mock-up" dresses, and am not any closer to having a single actual bridesmaid dress. Although I do own a cute duro-style dress of my own making now, at least. This second mock-up I made in Sienna's size (the fact that I made the first dress in my own size, despite the fact that none of the bridesmaids are the same size as me, ought to be a clue that I really had only selfish motivations behind that first creation), and again sacrificing work and sleep, managed to finish it in a few short days before flying out to Chicago to see Sienna over this last weekend. I am proud to relate that the dress looked awesome on her! Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture, and I think a good chunk of this awesomeness may be due to her ginormous ta-tas, as it doesn't look so good on me:


Up-close of the neato cotton fabric print of the mock-up:
Oh, and that pale green somewhat baggy somewhat cowl of the last post now has a new home with Sienna, and as predicted, it looked much better on her than on me. All of that under-arm bagginess was magically taken up by her, guess what, ample ta-tas.
I'm starting to get a little weirded out by the number of times I have talked about Sienna's bosom on this blog, which is supposedly about knitting, not about Sienna or her various body parts. Also, all evidence to the contrary, I swear that I'm straight. No more boob-talk, I promise! All posts from here on out will be strictly G-rated good ol' fashioned fiberous fun.

In case you thought I had forsaken knitting for bridesmaid dress mock-ups, here's evidence that Clapotis is Clapotising along.

And I also just broke my moratorium on no yarn buying in August by ordering a ton of Noro Cash Iroha, Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, and Fleece Artist Merino Sock. Well, it's almost September, right? Maybe if the yarn doesn't show up until September it doesn't count as buying it in August, yeah, that's it.


hege said...

The dress is really pretty. Cool fabric. I can't believe you are sewing all these dresses, what a great job you are doing!

Sienna said...

My breasts and I thank you for the shout-out. And thank you again for making the dresses, you rock! You forgot to mention that we spent some time knitting in a girl bar last weekend too :).

Philippa said...

Er, no. It's the date that the yarn monkeys make off with your money that counts.

The dress is lovely! And the fabric is brilliant. If I came across some like that, I would be compelled to dust off my sewing machine.