Friday, August 11, 2006

Somewhat undecided

After months of complaining I have finished the Somewhat Cowl (pattern by Wendy over at Knit and Tonic). I think I realized after a few inches into it that it was going to come out too big on the top. I know she actually published a revised pattern since a lot of people were having this problem, but by that point it was already too big. And then I realized not too long after that, that I was having to put a blanket between the sweater and my legs while knitting it, since the alpaca yarn was itching me too much. So the chances of me wearing this sweater seemed slim from the get-go. Since I wasn't so crazy about the yarn, it seemed pointless to frog it and re-make it smaller. Great logic, right? It's so much better to have an itchy sweater that doesn't fit than an itchy sweater that does. So it languished on the shelf unfinished for a long time. Then I had the idea that maybe I could give it to someone who is a little bigger than me on the top, which is when I thought of the aforementioned large-knockered bridesmaids. So I picked it up again with the idea of giving it to Sienna, which gave me new motiviation to finish it, since I'm going to see her in Chicago next week.

But now that it's done, it doesn't seem quite so bad as I was expecting. I took several pictures of myself wearing it this morning to try to demonstrate the bagginess of the top part, and was having a hard time getting this bagginess to show up in a picture, which made me think, maybe it's really not so big after all, if it seems to look OK in the picture. So now I'm blocking it to see if I can make the itchiness go away too. Anyway here it is:

See, it doesn't look so bad there, does it? It does kind of make me look like I have no waist, which is unfortunate since I have giant hips and my waist is really much smaller than those hips, I swear, but this sweater kind of makes me look much more tree-trunk shaped.

I do actually have pictures that show the bagginess a little more than that one, but blogger is insisting on turning them all sideways when I try to upload them and I don't know how to fix it, so I just deleted them all. You'll have to take my word for it.

So I'm still undecided about this sweater - I think I'll end up giving it to Sienna since I said I would, and it would probably look cuter on her anyway, and then I'll have an excuse to make another one for myself that actually fits with Knitpicks Shine. I've seen a few versions in this yarn and I think it looks delicious.


bradyphrenia said...

it looks really soft and natural. great job!

Sienna said...

I think it looks cute on you! Thanks for giving it to me (perhaps). We can have a "walk off" and see who it fits better.

Philippa said...

There's no point in keeping a sweater that you'll always feel ambivalent about. If Sienna would like it, then you've a great excuse to treat it as a trial run and knit yourself a perfectly-fitting one - you could put in some waist shaping, and extra decreases to make the neck smaller (if that's what you want) and hopefully be much happier with it. And you give a gift in the process, which is always nice!

It's a lovely colour. I'd ask what yarn it is, but not if it even itches through your jeans! Oh, actually maybe I should be forewarned :)

Leslie said...

I agree that it looks pretty cute in this picture, but yes, if you don't feel great in it, best to pass it along and use it as an excuse to buy more yarn to make yourself something fabulous! As if we need any more excuses to buy yarn...

And very nice Clapotis. I'm planning to start one soon and it's nice to see others in the blog world still enamored with the pattern.