Sunday, July 23, 2006

les chausettes sont finies

The second pair of socks is finished! I am offically converted to this sock knitting thing.
Here are the fronts:

The side:They can even stand on the floor:

And, at that point, I tried to get a working close-up shot but after a few blurry ones I had to give up and tear the socks off, it is so frigging hot here. OK, it's only in the 80s and I am officially a wimp, but yesterday broke the heat record for San Francisco by 6 degrees! Dang! I think it may be a while before I actually wear these socks for longer than 2 minutes.
Les chausettes:
Yarn - Hill country yarn instant gratification merino sock yarn in aqua.
Needles - US size 5, baby.
Pattern - Took the pattern from Nancy Bush's Heelless Sleeping Socks and applied it to a basic sock pattern.
Result - thick and warm! Too too warm!

Natasha begs to be included more in this blog. She has gone so far as to convince J to carry her around in his shirt, so as to look extra cute and force me to take her picture:


hege said...

They look great! Beautiful color, great pattern. Congratulations on a job well done!

chamomile said...

Hi, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I haven't had time to read through your's yet, but am looking forward to it. These socks are incredible! Wow, I'm taken aback by how great they look. Wonderful colour.

Marie said...

Eeee! Natasha is so cute! I miss her! I just bought some of that bread stuff they both liked so much and thought of them begging at the kitchen table. :)