Sunday, July 30, 2006

All the yarn

I finally got around to dying the rest of my dye-your-own yarn I've had sitting around for months.
I used both Koolaid and Paas easter egg dyes this time. Those dyes were a blast from the past - I haven't dyed easter eggs in years.

3 skeins of sock-weight yarn - this one is Paas blues and greens:
Paas orange and yellow, with cherry koolaid for the red:
Koolaid grape, orange, cherry, and black cherry (in various mixtures). This one is my favorite, and is much darker and browner than I could get the camera to replicate.

Two laceweight skeins. Paas pale green:

Paas turquoise and grape koolaid:

The whole hand-dying thing was fun, but I think it was a one time deal for me. I feel like my results are pretty amateurish looking and it was very hard or impossible to get the colors to come out the way I was picturing them in my head. This problem probably could have been avoided by mixing up a lot of colors ahead of time and doing test bits of yarn and waiting for those to dry, but I'm not a patient person. Actually I did try doing that with the first dying attempt, and managed to create a fused melted plasticy mess of yarn and saran wrap in the microwave, which I guess taught me the lesson to include more water the next time, but didn't teach me much about coloring.

This hand-dying thing seems best left to the professionals:
Cherry tree hill supersock mill end from emtnestr. The colors are so beautiful - this yarn is clearly in an entirely different class than my pastely koolaid experiments. I've started this with it:That's right, I've jumped on the Clapotis bandwagon, about 2 years later than everyone else.

Finally, I heart Knit Picks:

They were luckily carrying the same dyelots for the green and brown merino style for J's sweater, that I stupidly did not order nearly enough of. On top of that, Shine Sport in Orchid that will hopefully become a Picovoli (I'm jumping on bandwagons left and right here), and some Essential sock yarn in Pumpkin, for some Christmas socks for some lucky gentleman.


Sner said...

I hope you are a very "pink" type of person. I bought the same yarn in the same colour for the same project but I ended up putting it down because it was way more pink than I had originally wanted. The yarn itself is very nice but the colour showed a more bluey pink on my monitor than arrived at my doorstep. Good Luck!

Marie said...

The purple/turquoise skein is particularly pretty. Did you decide what to do with it yet?