Tuesday, July 11, 2006


The back of J's sweater is almost done. For some reason, I always fool myself into thinking that the body of the sweater is like 90% of the whole thing and the sleeves will take but a few moments to finish. I keep trying to remind myself that I am NOT almost halfway done with this sweater, but less than a quarter done. Factor in the seaming, and I'm probably 10% done. Sigh.

I don't know why my camera makes this yarn look so orangey-red. It's really brown. The color is called cinnamon which I think is an accurate description.
While I'm knitting this sweater, I keep thinking of all the things I would like to make for myself out of this (Knitpicks Merino Style) yarn, in some more girly color. Like this, without the silly symbols on it; this sweater sort of reminds me of the hourglass sweater but with a less annoying neck. It's hard to remember that I have so many unfinished projects sitting around that I. MUST. NOT. BUY. ANY. MORE. YARN!!!
Since my last panicked post I have made myself sit down and write a list of what I am going to do with most of the yarns in my stash. Granted, I have just written "some kind of scarf" after most of the yarns, but I feel better now. And Marie has kindly lent me a very cool looking cabled sweater pattern (that I will probably do as a crewneck instead of turtleneck, ick) for my Rowanspun DK. Hooray!

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Marie said...

I still think you're at least 25% along. :) Does J. like it so far?
You may need to do a test swatch with the rowanspun...I keep hearing about how fragile it is and how it snaps very easily. I'm worried about the cable sweater I have my aran planned for.