Thursday, May 04, 2006

what's on the needles

My first post with pictures!
I thought I would put up some pics of things I'm currently working on. These are the three projects I can remember that I'm in the middle of, I've no doubt that there are another three or four half or quarter or 1/10 started projects wasting away on scrap yarn in a box somewhere. In fact I can think of one ill-advised mohair sweater that's been missing a neck and sleeves for years now... I don't think it will ever get them.

Anyway, this is the beginnings of Ella. I don't think I've ever worn a shawl in my life, but once I saw this one on knit and tonic, I had to have one of my own! I will become a shawl-wearer!

There she is in her so-far entirety. This is also my first foray into Lorna's Laces, and I love love LOVE this yarn. So pretty!!! I am newly inspired to try some hand-dying of my own. Here's a slightly out of focus close-up:

This upside-down badboy is the Somewhat Cowl, also by the lovely Knit and Tonic (can you tell I love that site?) in Elann's Peruvian Collection Quecha (what does that word mean?) in celery. It looks kind of pukey beige in this picture but it's really a nice calm pale green color. This yarn I'm so-so about. It's kind of splitty and very fuzzy. But hey, it's also cheap!

And this one, masquerading as a fried egg, is the long-ago started beginnings of the Silk Camisole from Joelle Hoverson's Last Minute Knitted Gifts, knit in some awesome brand-less cashmere from Ebay. Also so cheap! And so beautiful! (Did I mention that I am a somewhat-penniless grad student?) I haven't worked on this guy in quite a while. But it looks so pretty and sunny lying there, I think I might have to pick it up again soon. Mmmm cashmere...

here's another out of focus and sideways close-up of the cool lacey edge:
Next time - I promise I will learn how to turn pictures the right way up, and also learn how to use the supposedly automatic focus on my camera.
Also soon, pictures of alpaca Shearing Day!

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Marie said...

All so pretty! (Yay, you've joined the Knitting Blogosphere!) I really like how the Lorna's Laces is knitting up. I have yet to be able to bring myself to knit mine into anything...they just look so lovely in the skeins! Can't to see pictures of shearing day!