Thursday, May 04, 2006

another new knitting blog

I've been knitting on and off since I was in high school, ever since a good friend of mine went away to some new agey farming community retreat and came back with a new knitting skill that she insisted on sharing with everyone. Really. It wasn't an option. We were told to go to a certain yarn store, buy a ball of yarn and some circular needles, and then report to her house where she taught us how to knit a hat. She was a little bossy, this friend. But I can't be annoyed, since that was the beginning of a lovely new habit!
Unfortunately it wasn't lovely for quite a while. Until reasonably recently, actually. This friend, being a novice knitter herself, taught us quite well how to knit a hat, and I made a lovely if plain blue stockinette ski hat kind of thing. But I never heard of the concept of gauge, or different needle sizes, or any of that stuff until years later. After making several different hats and giving them away to everyone I knew, I decided that it was time to make an entire sweater. So I bought a pretty simple looking pattern, and a ton of yarn, and some needles, I'm not sure if I even bought the correct size needles for the yarn or the pattern (I'm sure the yarn wasn't what the pattern specified, and I know I didn't knit a gauge swatch because I didn't know what that was) and set out to make a shapeless potato sack lump of a sweater.
Anyway cut forward 12 or so years and a few important lessons later, aided in no small part by the massive amount of knitting information and patterns that have cropped up on the internet recently, and I've gotten a little better. Once I figure all that stuff out I'll post a bunch of pictures chronicling (is that how you spell that?) the different objects I have managed to turn out over the years. Unfortunately I no longer have that first potato sack sweater, it was too shapeless to actually wear (and, stupid novice that I was, I didn't even know about the concept of frogging, not that it would have been that hard to think of on my own, but I think that sweater ended up in a Goodwill somewhere).
So, pictures soon!


Kathryn said...

Woo! Another new blogger from SF! (I'm from there- here?- too.)

I can see you're a more advanced knitter than I am (you've been doing it longer, though), but if you ever are going to a knit-in or something, drop me a line, so I can hang out with more knitters, too! (Man, I'm a dork.)

Nicole said...

I love that story! It took quite some time for me to understand the concept of gauge, too.