Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Grey skies are gonna clear up...

Looks like San Francisco summer is starting to rear its ugly head. It's been alternatingly sunny and foggy, warm and bitingly chilly all week. After freezing my tootsies off the last few evenings, I'm finally giving up the idea of wearing sandals in May. There's usually a hill behind these houses that I can see from my window, but today it's totally shrouded in fog:

Luckily things are a little brighter inside the apartment:

I'm super excited to try some hand-dying finally! Now if only I could get this pesky work thing out of the way so I would have some time.

30 seconds after I had set up the orderly display of kool-aid and yarn above, this is what happened to it:

I swear that cat has some kind of 6th sense about unattended yarn. She can be napping on the other side of the apartment and if I leave a skein of yarn on the table, suddenly she appears in the doorway. I don't know how she does it. Maybe she can smell it.

Also, I just discovered and joined the ScienceKnits webring. I think it's cute how specialized these things get. Maybe I will start my own RedheadTwoCatsScientistsWhoKnitInColeValleySanFrancisco webring. Who's with me?

1 comment:

Marie said...

What does Natasha do with the yarn after she steals it?
Can't wait to see your hand-painted skeins! I realized the other day that if the weather continues like this, there is no way I can dye anything in my apt and let it dry before it molds from all the damp and lack of sunlight.
Hmm...maybe I should start my own Non-redhead-No Pets-Scientist who knits-Cole Valley-SF webring!