Thursday, May 18, 2006


Ella is starting to look like a shawl. Maybe I'll actually finish her one of these days.

Meanwhile, I think it looks quite fetching on Paddington. (I couldn't get either of the cats to sit still long enough to try it on them.)

J and I are going up to wine country tomorrow for a romantic weekend (my bday present!). Maybe between all the romance there will be time for some knitting. (I think there will.)


Marie said...

We all know yarn makes the heart feel snugglier. :)
Have fun on your get-away! Drink lots of yummy wine.
BTW, forgot to ask you you want me to check in on the cats?

Philippa said...

It's looking gorgeous! Wine and yarn are an lovely combination - but I'm not sure I'd risk wine and lace :). Maybe being a scientist helps, though?

I hope you have a lovely weekend, whatever you get up to!