Sunday, February 03, 2008

Not quite knitting, but less whiny

Man, yesterday's post was pretty whiny, wasn't it? Well, this blog is called Sticks and Thread, not Fingers and Keyboard, so enough about my homework.
J. and I went to his folks' house (isn't it cool that their place can be linked to?) for Christmas, where I once again tried my hand at spinning.

You may recall my last attempt:
handspun #1

This time went a little better:
My first real handspun!

I even plied! Go me! The white is merino, the gray wool. I did the white one first. I think the gray looks much better, personally. I think I have about 30 yards of the white, and about 80 of the gray. I can say with confidence that they probably range from laceweight to superbulky. Hey, at least I avoided cobweb!
I'magonna make me a hat, with a hemmed brim out of the white part.


Anonymous said...

I think the grey is absolutely stunning! But the white isn't so bad either. Well done on both of them! And it's completely unfair that you are able to link to J's folk's place! LOL

LizzieK8 said...

Once you get the hang of knitting a relatively even single, you'll have to reteach yourself how to do thick and thin. :)

I've started spinning again and range between thread and ww.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Both are absolutely gorgeous!!! Lovely!!!

Sienna said...

There is a really cute picky of you and Jon on the website playing with alpacas :)

Batty said...

It's looking loads better. I still haven't plied anything successfully. Go you!

Philippa said...

Hello, you OK? (Nice yarn, by the way).