Friday, July 20, 2007

Tired and cranky

I'm tired and cranky. But I am also itching to blog about this stinkin cabled turtleneck sweater, since I finally got around to lengthening it (picking out the ribbing from the bottom and knitting down some more ribbing was less traumatic than I thought it would be). I will try to put mostly pictures and not too many words, so that my crankiness doesn't overshadow the post too much.

Finally done!
VK cabled turtleneck

Pattern: The imaginatively named "Cabled Turtleneck" from Vogue Knitting, Holiday 2006. Apparently the designer is "Lang designs". I wonder in what circumstances the actual human designer doesn't get to be named. Did it really take a whole team of designers to come up with this sweater? Is there a ghost designer?
Yarn: Cascade 220 heather, in Lichen. Just under 6 skeins.
Needles: Size 6 and 7 denises
Mods: Made it a crewneck instead of a turtleneck
Started Jan 2007, finished July 20 2007. Ouch. Moral of the story, maybe I should pick sweaters with less seaming in the future.

Some more pics
VK cabled turtleneck

VK cabled turtleneck


Batty said...

Sweater came out gorgeous and looks very impressive. See, you can't stay cranky for very long when you're wearing something you made yourself and that looks absolutely fabulous on you. That's a smile in the last picture, yes it is.

yarnophiliac said...

gorgeous, dahling, simply gorgeous. Glad to know the re-knitting wasn't too bad. Gives me hope, as almost everything I knit comes out too short -- I hate that! As for the designer "thing", I have often wondered what causes these poor designers to give up their names. I mean, seriously, look at the Drops Designs -- all those free patterns, all so beautiful, and no one knows who designed them! I imagine a sweatshop full of crazed knitters w/ pencils and notebooks in front of them with some mean and nasty with a cigar hangin from his/HER mouth glaring at them. shudder.

Kathy said...

You are so right! Did it really take a team to design that sweater?
Then again, it is so beautiful on you, it just may have been more than one great mind designing.

Well well done. Very nice

Bonnie said...

Great work! The fit is perfect and the color really suits you.

dobarah said...

Congratulations! This is a could win the rosette at your local fair! It is stunning!

schrodinger said...

How did I miss this? It looks fantastic, totally worth all that unpicking and knitting again to lengthen.

Julie said...

Wow, I was just found your blog and was kind of reading backwards through it and this just stopped me dead in my tracks. Absolutely gorgeous! Lovely sweater, nice work.