Friday, July 06, 2007

On color and masculinity

J. and I went up to Seattle for a long 4th of July weekend to see my parents. I heart Seattle.
Anyway, you may remember that I made my Dad some socks last Christmas. He wears them All The Time. I was so touched, especially because this was the first knitted gift I'd given him - he kept insisting that he wouldn't wear anything knitted and not to waste my time. Anyway, I thought I would make him another pair for next Christmas (as part of my whole having no salary for the next year, I think I'll be knitting a lot of presents). I showed him all my sock yarn pictures on Ravelry and these are the ones he picked out:

CTH millends
Cherry Tree Hill Supersock Mill Ends, leftover from my Clapotis

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock
Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Buck's Bar

I just thought it was interesting, especially in light of the fact that J. seems to think any color that is not drab green, brown, or gray has some magic powers to drain his heterosexuality away. I guess growing up with my Dad kind of blinded me to the fact that most men don't wear colorful things. My Dad had this neon pink baseball cap that he wore constantly when I was junior high-aged. He got it for free at a gas station. The most embarassing part, to young teenage me, was that he had a wide selection of colors and CHOSE the pink one. But grownup me is more than happy to knit him some colorful socks. I think most "masculine" colors are boring.


Batty said...

I know what you mean about men and colors. Oddly enough, texture has the same power -- too many cables, holes, etc., and it's not proper for a man.

yarnophiliac said...

FAntastic. Your dad has great taste. My son loves color, but already (at6) is howling against pink. I really hope society doesn't knock the individuality out of him. He is still a huge fan of blue/green/purple combos and yellow.

Kathy said...

ONly the coolest dads would pick those great colorswith a name like buck's bar

Courtney said...

Fortunately, my husband is similar to your dad when it comes to colors. I recently knit him some socks in Socks That Rock Puck's Mischeif. I didn't think he'd like all that purple, but he was all for it. It makes knitting socks for him much less of a drag than it would be if they had to be plain brown or gray.