Friday, April 27, 2007

Ickle Wickle

I thought the ring pillow was the littlest finished object I would make. Well, here are some even littler ones:

baby socks for Owen

Baby socks for a friend who just had an ickle wittle baby boy. (I hope they aren't too pinkish for a boy! I don't think they are, personally, but who knows what the parents will think.) Ann Budd's basic pattern, size 0 needles, Regia bamboo sock yarn (lovely stuff).

But wait! Things get even littler!

wedding ring

J. had to send his wedding ring back to be resized, so I made him this temporary one. I mentioned the idea as a joke but he really seemed keen on it. I didn't think he would actually wear it, but it took about ten minutes so I thought what the hey. But he actually wore it to work today. It's already looking quite a bit worse for the wear from going through a softball game. I guess there's a reason wedding rings aren't usually made out of yarn.


hege said...

Awwe, so cute, both the socks and the ring. What a good husband :)

schrodinger said...

That is so funny!!! The socks are cute, cute, cute.

Knittypants said...

Oh, the socks are so cute. And how sweet, both that you made the ring and that he is wearing it.

Philippa said...

That is so funny! And so sweet that he happily wore a knitted item during the blokiest of pastimes. What a lovely start to your wedded life!