Tuesday, March 13, 2007

River of Malabrigo

Mmmm, I'd like to go swimming please:

My so-called scarf

Pattern - My So-called Scarf
Yarn - 2 skeins Malabrigo worsted, I forget what the colorway is called.
Needles - 11s? I think? I just cast off the other day but damned if I can remember.
Changes - cast on 36 stitches instead of 30.

I just kept knitting until all the yarn was gone, it's definitely a double wrapper. Of course now it's in the 70s here. Oh well.

Conveniently hides the zits on my chin (all from my thesis talk, baby):

My so-called scarf on so-called me

Flickr is doing this annoying thing all of a sudden where it is turning the small sizes of some of my pictures sideways, and I can't figure out how to make it stop. I usually don't like posting the medium size ones because they seem huge, but I guess it's better than sideways.

This is how much yarn there was leftover:

so-called leftovers

I don't think of myself as a very anal person, but I love when a project uses the amount of yarn I have exactly. Because anything more than like 10 yds I can't bring myself to throw out. Maybe it's my pack rat nature more than an anal nature.


schrodinger said...

Yay for Malabrigo and yay for the so-called-scarf! It looks really lovely, shame it's so warm right now eh?

Batty said...

Beautiful! Can you believe that I've been ogling Malabrigo for years, have even given it as a gift, but never knit with it myself?

Well, I think you may just have put an end to that nonsense! I love the way the so-called scarf looks in the colorway you picked!

Marie said...

The colors are so pretty! I think I need to make myself another one now. :)

gilraen said...

Your scarf is fabulous! I love the colours of the Malabrigo yarn. :)

Stacey said...

that is a great scarf! i think it's the perfect pattern for the variegated malabrigo!!!

ps - i don't have a dutch oven either - i do it free form on a pizza stone or a cookie sheet! (your email isn't showing up for me to reply!)