Sunday, March 11, 2007

Less blob, more stole

Someone wants to meet you.

Baltic Sea Stole folded

Come out, little stole!

Baltic Sea Stole

It's shy.

Baltic Sea Stole full

There we go.

I was feeling the model vibe, here are some more shots:

Baltic Sea Stole back

Baltic Sea Stole sitting

Hee hee, my feet look funny in that one.

Pattern - Baltic Sea Stole
Yarn - Jaggerspun Zephyr Wool-Silk blend in Sage, approx. 900-1000 yards
Needles - Addi turbos size 5 (started on size 4s and couldn't see what the hell I was doing, going up a size made a huge difference).
Changes - In laceweight instead of sportweight, so I added a few pattern repeats and used smaller needles.
Reason for being - to wear in my wedding! Finished a whole 5 weeks ahead of time even!

Between the waiting for blocking wires to show up and a surprise trip to Vegas from little sis, there was a long time between knitting the last stitch and getting to take these pictures today. As it turns out, blocking wires suck. They make it sound like, or I thought that, it would be so much faster than pinning, but it's not. For one thing the ends of the wires are flat, not tapered, how retarded is that? It seemed to take just as long if not longer to thread the wires through the edge stitches as it would have to just pin every edge stitch. It was much more awkward than pinning, and I had to lift parts of the stole up while it was still wet which seemed like a bad idea. And then once I got the damn things threaded through, I couldn't figure out how to actually stretch it out, the instructions say to put a few pins to hold the wires in place, but the wires kept popping right over the pins as soon as I stretched it even a little. So I ended up just yanking them out and pinning the thing instead. It took me so long that the stole was dry before I'd even gotten most of the pins in so I spritzed it before continuing. I don't know if that was necessary or not.

I realized once I was close to the end of this that it was my first real lace project - I've made lacey patterned things before, like Ella and Branching Out, but this was my first with real laceweight yarn, and where every row had funky stuff to do on it instead of getting a purl row for resting. I think it's good I didn't realize that earlier, I might have chickened out and picked an easier pattern. But this one wasn't too difficult at all and I'm glad I picked it. I think it turned out quite well, if I do say so myself. The only part that bugs me is the edges, they aren't very even and I'm not sure if this is because I was too fed up to do a good job pinning or if I stretched it too hard. I definitely had a much harder time getting straight edges while pinning this than with other things I've blocked in the past. I don't know why that is exactly.

Now it is wrapped in tissue and sitting in my closet where it will stay until the wedding. I will not take it out to wear before then as much as I am tempted to, knowing me I would spill ketchup on it.


Batty said...

Beautiful! I've frogged this one several times because I didn't like any of the needle sizes I tried. I haven't tried 5s, though. Maybe that'll be the magic number.

Yours looks breath-taking! It shouldn't be shy!

Jen said...

That is beautiful. Really nicely done!

Disco said...

SO beautiful, I am envious.
Well done.

yarnophiliac said...

Beautiful stole, very worthy of such an auspicious day! Bravo!

Thea said...

wow, gorgeous stole - and gorgeous rings too! Tks for your comments on Arwen - and congrats on the upcoming wedding.... have fun

Queen Frogger said...

You will look lovely on your wedding day in that stole, it is just gorgeous. Well done for your first lace!

DeltaDawn said...

Fantastico! You'll be a gorgeous and very proud bride in that lovely work of art! Congrats on both the shawl and your upcoming nupitals!

Bufanditas said...

Fabulous!! It looks so light and airy just the way lace should. The change in needle size was a good move and the color is perfect.

maryannlucy said...

That is absolutely beautiful. Well done.