Monday, February 26, 2007

11th verse, same as the first

Hello little blog! Long time no see.
I have not felt very bloggy this month. Partly because I've just been manically plugging away at the wedding stole, and kind of in a not so fun, hurry up and finish sort of way. Partly because I've been manically plugging away at my thesis and thesis talk, most definitely in a not at all fun kind of way. But the good news there is that the stole is almost done (just a 9 row seed stitch border to go! yay!). I have ordered some blocking wires so it won't be presentable for a while, until those show up and I block it. I'm excited to not have to deal with putting in ten thousand different pins. I've ended up doing 11 repeats on the stole, which kind of bugs me. As I was going I thought it would be either 10 or 12 repeats, now I'm at 11 and it seems like the right length but 11 seems like such an unsatisfying number.

I also feel like so many bloggers seem to write entertaining and informative posts about the process of working on whatever project they have on the needles, but I can't find that much to say about the stole. It's on the needles, I'm pretty much following the pattern as written, I already showed you the first few repeats, I really don't feel like I have anything unique to contribute about it.

I thought to keep you entertained in the meanwhile (I haven't been around for weeks, surely I owe you some entertainment!) I would show you a non-knitted crafty thing I made a while ago. My wedding invitations that I did on my brand spankin new Gocco:


And reply card:

reply card

For some reason these are photographing as the same color, which is accurate for the reply card, but the invitation is actually sage green.
The Gocco has neat results I think, but is kind of a pain in the ass to use, and once you get started (if you are taking over the whole living room as I did, and don't have some kind of separate craft studio room) you pretty much have to keep going until it's all done and cleaned up, or else your cats will walk all over the wet prints while you are not looking, and I hate any kind of project where you can't put off the clean up stage. I'm not sure that I'll really be using it again - maybe it will show up on Ebay.

In other news, I keep craving small, quick projects (like Calorimetry (and I feel kind of pathetic that that little headwrap is my only finished object for 2007 so far)) that I can churn out mindlessly. I have started (and almost finished) a My So-Called Scarf in Malabrigo:

My so-called scarf in Malabrigo

This is my first Malabrigo - yum.
Fuzzy squishies:

Fuzzy Malabrigo!

I want a whole blanket/pillow set made out of this stuff, then I would never get out of bed.


schrodinger said...

Glad the stole is coming along, I've love to know how the blocking wires work out for you. Don't worry about writing witty stuff about what your knitting, the yummy pictures are enough, and that malabrigo is certainly yummy.

Marie said... are making me want more yarn! Love the colors of the malabrigo! I too want to get a pilel and just roll in it. :)

Nora said...

Thanks for your thoughts on the Gocco printer - you raised some interesting points... although the invites do look great!