Thursday, June 29, 2006

Yo! Socks!

I finished my first pair of socks! Go me.
First the sock and I watched some sweaty men chase a ball around a field.

Then, an entire pair of socks was born!

You might notice the little nubbin on the right one where there was a weird bumpy splice in the ball of yarn that I was too lazy to fix. I think it gives it that "homemade" charm. Also I read the directions wrong and so the toes are half the length they are supposed to be. But, they still fit.

are in this post so I won't write them all again.

The dress is progressing slowly. I think I realize now why I haven't sewn anything since high school, it's because sewing is BORING. And I feel like a hunchback after a few hours of scrunching over the machine.


Areli said...

Your socks look great. Awesome color. And I loved the Ella you have posted. I am dreaming of knitting that one day.

Annie said...

Hooray for sweaty men chasing a ball! And hooray for socks! Those look great and very comfy.

aija said...

Great color socks! :)

Marie said...

Pretty! I love the red. :) Glad it passed the time while the sweaty men chased the ball.