Friday, August 22, 2008

On my feet (Or, my accomplishments look very impressive when I only post a few times a year!)

Here a sock

Bellatrix socks

There a sock

basic socks

Everywhere a sock,

Spring grass socks


Monkey socks

From top to bottom (also in chronological order of when I knit them):
1) Bellatrix socks (by Monkey Toes, RIP), knit toe-up in Koigu KPPPM US size 1.5 dpns
2) Basic stockinette toe-up socks, knit in Vesper sock yarn in Tartan, US size 1.5 dpns
3) Springrass socks (by Craftoholic), knit toe-up in Dream in Color Smooshy in Beach Fog, US size 1.5 dpns (sensing a theme?)
4) Monkey Socks (by Cookie A.), knit toe-up and knit the purl stitches, in Sophie Toe's yarn in Harvest, US size 1.5 dpns.


I've had a delightful 35 minute train ride back and forth every day to work this summer and have gotten lots of sock knitting done.

Next time, neck wear! I'll try not to make it several months from now.